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The Most Amazing Gold Discoveries in History

Over the years, it’s not just archaeologists who have discovered gold, but common people too. Here’s a look at some amazing gold discoveries in history.

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What Is Spot Price?

Read on to learn what spot price is, what influences a spot price, elements that can impact the spot price and more.

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What Is The London Fix Price?

The London Fix is important for determining the value of precious metals. Learn what the London Fix Price is and how it works.

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fools gold

What Is Fool’s Gold?

Many prospectors have had their dreams of riches cut short by fool’s gold. Learn what fool’s gold is and how to tell if you have some on your hands.

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olympic gold medal

What Are Olympic Gold Medals Made Of?

With the Tokyo Summer Olympics approaching, one of the questions we have on our minds is: Are gold Olympic medals really made of gold? Find out.

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grey magnet

Are Precious Metals Like Gold and Silver Magnetic?

Some think the magnet test is a good way to tell if you have real gold and silver. We’ll explain whether this is an accurate test.

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