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The Krugerrand Phenomenon: How South Africa Changed the Gold Investment Landscape

Good news for coin collectors and resellers! For a limited time, we’re offering some can’t miss deals on the following: Gold Krugerrand Coins for a $50 premium per ounce Backdated Gold Eagle Coins for $70 over gold Backdated Silver Eagle Coins for a $3 premium We’ve written about the history of the Silver Eagle coin […]

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Platinum Demystified: A Must-Read Guide

The allure of platinum has captivated humanity for centuries, drawing in investors, scientists, and artisans. But what is it that makes platinum so special? In this comprehensive guide, we uncover the secrets of platinum by unlocking its properties, exploring its diverse uses, and uncovering its role in the precious metal market. Get ready to be […]

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Mints Around the World

Back in October, we began our journey to mints around the world. Check out this infographic for stats and learn more in our first blog post from the series.

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American Silver Eagle Coin

The History of the American Silver Eagle Coin

Want to get your hands on a tangible piece of American history that shines brightly through time? In this article, we invite you along on a behind-the-scenes journey to see the process behind the creation of the American Silver Eagle coin. We’ll make stops at every step of production from sourcing the purest silver to […]

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Unveiling the Hidden World of Coin Production: A Global Tour of Major Mints

Do you ever stop to think about where the coins in your wallet come from? Welcome to the world of coin production, where intricate designs are transformed into tangible currency that we use every day. In this article, we’ll go on a global tour of major mints showcasing the craftsmanship and dedication behind currency. What […]

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Man working on solar panels on a roof

Precious Metals and the Future of Clean Energy

The quest for clean, sustainable energy has never been more imperative as we face the challenge of climate change. While we often look to the wind, water, and sun for solutions, it’s intriguing to find that the earth’s crust also holds keys to our green energy future. Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, and […]

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