Sell Your Gold Lot

Sell to one of Manhattan’s highest paying scrap gold buyers

Gold is an extremely valuable metal, second only to platinum in the metals we work with on a daily basis (under normal market conditions). Not only has gold been considered to be a stable investment and store of value, it also has countless industrial and commercial applications – such as creating jewelry and electronics. Sometimes, the businesses that produce these kinds of goods need to sell their accumulated scrap gold lots. That’s where scrap gold buyers like Manhattan Gold & Silver (MGS) come in.

Experienced Gold Refiner

Businesses from all over the world have come through our doors since 1985, looking to sell their scrap gold lots. We accept shipments and have quick payment turnarounds, thanks to our onsite facilities and exchange rates set daily by the London Fixing.

Scrap gold buyers like MGS are critical to the gold supply chain. About 1,000 tons of gold are recycled each year to meet annual market demands, which are higher than what is produced through mining alone.

How to Sell Your Gold

Use our precious metals payout estimator to determine the value of your lot. Then, deliver your lot in-person, or conveniently ship it and receive your payout via same-day wire transfer, or overnight check.

What We Buy

Jewelry is responsible for about 70% of the gold demand. Jewelers who sell their gold scrap and polishing material contribute to the large amount of gold that re-enters the market each year via precious metal recycling. Industrial uses contribute to another 15% of the annual demand and the final 15% ends up in the hands of investors as bullion.

Businesses looking to sell their gold lots usually include items such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Fillings
  • Polishing material
  • Industrial byproducts
    • Aerospace components
    • Military
  • Gold bullion, including:
    • Canadian Maple Leaves
    • American Eagles
    • Krugerrands (South Africa)
    • Liberty Heads
    • Gold Sovereigns
    • And more

Ready to Sell Your Gold?

If your business needs to sell a gold lot, or any other kind of precious metal, contact us and learn how our refining services can put revenue back into your business. We offer payouts that are among the highest in the industry, and our quick turnaround and customer service are sure to make you a repeat customer.