XRF Testing


For customers with a sizable lot who want a highly accurate precious metal analysis, we use XRF gold testing (X-ray fluorescence) as our onsite assaying method. We operate two XRF machines so we are able to determine results quickly—even with multiple clients.


This unique form of precious metal testing works by bathing the sample in X-rays. The metal then emits light (fluorescence) at an energy level specific to its atomic structure. By measuring this unique energy level, our machine accurately analyzes the purity of the sample within five parts-per-thousand.


X-ray testing is quick, with results available within minutes. It’s also nondestructive, which means material will not be damaged or lost during the testing process. Our onsite X-RF gold testing is provided to clients free of charge.

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I’ve know the guys at Manhattan Gold for 15+ years now, and we’ve never had a single problem. We do business on a weekly basis and love the staff, they’re honest and easy to talk to. They really accommodate their customers and have my full trust. I highly recommend them! They’re the best in their industry, they have the experience to prove it!

- Mosiello & Sons Jewelry

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