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Gold Prices Reach New Heights

Gold prices have been on a tear in recent months, with the precious metal reaching new all-time highs amid economic and geopolitical uncertainty. The price of gold has surged by over 10% this year, with investors piling into safe-haven assets as global risks continue to mount. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look […]

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5 Largest Gold Mines in the World

Learn about the five largest gold mines around the world based on production volume, along with several fun facts about their locations.

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Researchers Make New Discoveries About Zwischgold

New research has revealed exactly what Zwischgold is made up of and how it was used as a gilding material during the Middle Ages.

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New Research Shows Gold as Effective for Cancer Treatment

New research has revealed that gold nanoparticles can be used for brain cancer treatment, aiding in the shrinkage of brain tumors.

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‘Fool’s Gold’ Might be Worth Slightly More Than We Thought

A recent specimen of fool’s gold (or “pyrite”) actually contains gold particles. Find how this discovery reshapes what we thought we knew about fool’s gold.

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How Much Are Dental Crowns Worth?

That extracted gold dental crown could be worth something! Find out how to determine a gold dental crown’s value.

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