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hand grabbing gold

Gold Confiscation: Could It Happen Again?

Could your gold be confiscated by the government? We’ll explain whether it could happen and debunk some myths around ways to prevent it.

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gold and diamonds

Which Is More Valuable: Gold or Diamond?

Gold and diamond are highly treasured, but which is more valuable? Check out our infographic to learn whether gold is more valuable than diamond.

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melting gold

Can Gold Be Destroyed?

Gold is an incredible metal that is said to be indestructible. We’ll explore whether gold can be destroyed by fires or chemical substances.

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electrum coins

What Is Green Gold?

Green is one of its most unusual but eye-pleasing possible colors gold can take on. We’ll explain exactly what green gold is here.

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white gold rings

How To Tell If You Have White Gold

Identifying precious metals can be tough, especially white gold. We’ll show you a couple ways to tell if you have white gold.

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world map

A Map of the Gold Market During COVID-19

Movement restrictions caused by COVID-19 changed the international gold market. Here’s a look at the new map.

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