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melting gold

Can Gold Be Destroyed?

Gold is an incredible metal that is said to be indestructible. We’ll explore whether gold can be destroyed by fires or chemical substances.

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electrum coins

What Is Green Gold?

Green is one of its most unusual but eye-pleasing possible colors gold can take on. We’ll explain exactly what green gold is here.

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white gold rings

How To Tell If You Have White Gold

Identifying precious metals can be tough, especially white gold. We’ll show you a couple ways to tell if you have white gold.

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world map

A Map of the Gold Market During COVID-19

Movement restrictions caused by COVID-19 changed the international gold market. Here’s a look at the new map.

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holding black sand

Is It Possible To Find Gold In Black Sand?

Various sources of gold still exist for gold-hungry prospectors. We’ll cover whether it is possible to find a profitable amount of gold in black sand.

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Rhodium Price Surges: Is Now a Good Time to Sell?

Here’s the latest news on how the price of rhodium has surged and why now could be a good time to sell.

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