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Precious Metals Blog

The MGS Precious Metals Blog

Manhattan Gold & Silver is an industry leader in precious metal pricing and refining with more than 30 years of experience. During our time in the business, we’ve found the topic of precious metals to be a vast and interesting one. Here on our precious metals blog, we write in-depth posts about the science of precious metal refining, historical and modern uses for precious metals, market news, and much more.

precious metal investment mistake

A Guide to Precious Metal Investment: Part 3 – 4 Mistakes to Avoid

It can be all too easy for precious metals investors to get sidetracked and make mistakes. Here are 4 investment mistakes to avoid.

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holding method

Guide to Investing in Precious Metals: Part 2 – Precious Metal Holding Methods

Investors must consider holding methods for their precious metals. Learn about the three main ways to hold precious metal investments.

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A stack of silver bullion bars atop a pile of gold and silver coins.

A Guide to Precious Metal Investment: Part 1 – Pros & Cons of Investing

You’ve probably heard it said that it’s wise to invest in precious metals like gold and silver. Here are some of the pros and cons of investing in precious metal.

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Rhodium Price Surges: Is Now a Good Time to Sell?

Here’s the latest news on how the price of rhodium has surged and why now could be a good time to sell.

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Getting the Most Value from Your Industrial Precious Metal Scrap

Industrial precious metal scrap is a valuable product of operational processes. Don’t discard it. Here are ways to get value from your scrap.

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A New Lightweight Gold Made with Plastic Developed

A new, lightweight gold made with plastic has been developed. Here’s what we know about it so far.

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