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How Silver is Being Used in Solar Applications

Learn about how silver is used in solar technology, from conductive grid lines to reflective coatings. Discover its crucial role in generating sustainable energy.

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New Technique for Using Silver to Improve the Effectiveness of Medical Implants

A new technique that involves modifying the surface of medical implants with a silver coating can reduce infections and improve bone cell mineralization.

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The Uses of Silver in Clean Energy

The use of silver in clean energy is great news for our planet and silver investors. Read more about how silver has a bright future in the energy industry.

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What Is Spot Price?

Read on to learn what spot price is, what influences a spot price, elements that can impact the spot price and more.

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What Was The Nevada Silver Rush, and Why Was It Special?

Read on to learn how the Nevada silver rush began and its impact on the American landscape.

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How Is Silver Made?

Silver has played an important role throughout human history. We’ll explain how silver is made from its formation in the earth to how it’s refined.

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