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Acid Testing

Acid Test for Gold

Although we service many industries, the majority of our business comes from walk-in customers. And since many of our customers are business owners themselves, we understand time is money. That’s why we pride ourselves on our fast testing methods to determine the value of your precious metals.

How Acid Tests Work

We use this acid testing method for small pieces or lots of precious metal.

To start, all items are inspected carefully by our highly trained and experienced staff. We then scratch a piece of the metal against a basalt stone. This leaves a mark on the stone. By applying certain strengths of nitric acid to this mark and measuring the resulting reaction, we can accurately measure the purity of the precious metal and give you a fair payout right away.

The Benefits of Acid Testing

The acid test for gold has been used by jewelers, refiners, and other precious metal professionals for centuries.

The acid test is free and results are immediate. It’s an effective way to test small items for purity and determine if an item is fake or plated.

Acid Testing

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Manhattan Gold & Silver is the ONLY refiner I will sell my metals too. If there is a piece that is in the 14K that tests 18K they will point it out to you and pay accordingly! I can’t say the same for the other “dealers” on 47th street! Whether it’s buying bullion for clients or melting scrap you know you are always getting the best price! They take the “game” out of doing business.

- John Michael's

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