Precious Metal Recycling

Precious metal recycling - MGS

Once we’ve tested your lot and given you a price quote, the actual precious metal recycling process begins. We operate 35-kilowatt induction furnaces that can easily reach high enough temperatures to melt platinum, which is upward of 3,200°F. 

The temperatures in the furnace get so high, welding glasses are needed to safely look at the molten metal when it’s in the crucible. We always suggest that customers watch their precious metal being melted. 

After melting, processing, and testing, the metal is sent for further recycling to reenter the market. Our bars are produced or we will supply casting grain back to manufacturers.

With more than 30 years of experience, we are highly skilled at recycling precious metals quickly and efficiently. This skill and speed allows us to process your lot and pay you – all in the same or next day. Contact us with any questions regarding our metal refining services, or create an account to start recycling your precious metals right away.