What We Buy

Precious metal scrap produced by businesses


Here at Manhattan Gold & Silver we are pleased to be one of the few precious metal buyers with the flexibility to take in lots from a variety of businesses  — from jewelers and pawnbrokers, to mining companies and industrial manufacturers.

While our precious metal refining services are uniquely prepared for smaller lots, no smelting operation is too large. Our quick turnaround and fast, fair payments via wire transfer make MGS convenient for all types of businesses. There are two ways to sell us your lot:

  1. In-Person – drop off your precious metal scrap in-person and have the lot processed the same or next day. Our friendly staff will work closely with you during the refining process and assist with any needs that may arise.
  2. Shipping – Learn how to send us your lot via mail.

Our refining process is completely transparent. As a trustworthy refiner, we allow all customers to watch their precious metal scrap go through the entire process of being weighed, assayed, and melted.

MGS buys precious metal scrap made from gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.
* Please contact us for all palladium-specific inquiries or call us at 212-398-1454.

Some common examples of items we buy include:

  • Jewelry
  • Filing Dust and polishing material
  • Flatware and other antiques
  • Dental Fillings
  • Industrial / manufacturing byproducts
  • Bullion

Please note, we do not handle any alluvial gold, electronic scrap, or mined materials from Africa. For any questions regarding your precious metal scrap or our refining services, please contact us or call 212-398-1454.