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How to Ship Your Precious Metals to MGS

Are you ready to sell your lot to Manhattan Gold & Silver? If you are outside the Manhattan area, you have two options to ship your precious metals:

Use Your Preferred Carrier

You can ship us your precious metals through an insured carrier of your choice, including:

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  • UPS Logo

Manhattan Gold & Silver only purchases metals wholesale, serving jewelry, pawn and industrial companies. We have prided ourselves on secure and honest transactions since 1985—we guarantee your metals are always safe with us.

At this time Manhattan Gold & Silver is not accepting packages from the USPS due to a recent rise in packages being opened or stolen. We will update our site when we are accepting USPS again.

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Use Parcel Pro

You can take advantage of our partnership with Parcel Pro to get a discounted insurance rate and the best pricing for shipping.

Reach out to Suzanne Woelke at or 424-254-4847 (special rates will not be available with other Parcel Pro representatives). Tell Ms. Woelke you are working with Manhattan Gold & Silver.

Ms. Woelke will discuss your shipping options and walk you through the process of insuring and shipping your lot.

Note: You will not receive these special rates if you create a new Parcel Pro account. Be sure to follow these steps to take advantage of our shipping partnership with Pro Parcel.

Mail your packages to:

Manhattan G&S
45 W 47th Street
New York, NY 10036

Ship Your Precious Metals Properly

To prevent theft or damage to your package, make sure to ship your precious metals properly. For the best results, take these precautions:

Include your full name and address, phone number, email address, and a copy of your driver’s license or state ID number. Don’t forget to add the packing slip you received with your payout estimate.

For security and theft prevention, double-box your items and fill the space between the two boxes with packing materials to prevent rattling. Use bubble wrap or a thick layer of air pillows to fill any empty space in and around your items. If you are uncomfortable with packaging your item yourself, consider having your items professionally packed by your carrier.

Insure your package. The cost of insurance depends on the value of your shipment, the insurance carrier and your shipper.

We recommend overnighting or express shipping your package to speed up the processing time. Use a tracking option available with your carrier to monitor your package in transit.

MGS does not accept any amounts of Ore.

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