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Ask MGS: Gold Recycling Payouts & Processes

MGS prioritizes customer service–and we want you to have as much information as possible so you feel confident coming to us with all of your precious metal recycling needs. Below are the answers to

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Choosing a Precious Metal Recycler or Bulk Buyer

You should vet any gold refinery before selling them your precious metals. Learn what to look for and what questions ask before partnering with a refinery.

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How to Sell Estate Bullion & Coins

When people choose to invest in physical precious metals like gold bullion or silver coins, they’re often planning for the future–not just their own, but their family’s as well.

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The Uses of Platinum

In ancient times, Egyptians and early Americans used platinum for jewelry and decorative pieces. The first record of platinum dates back to 1557, when Italian physician Julius Scaliger described a

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How MGS Safely & Quickly Removes Gemstones from Scrap Jewelry

Here at MGS, we specialize in buying large lots of precious metal scrap from other businesses. Since our location is in New York’s famous Diamond District, we commonly get piles of old or broken

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Precious Metal Verifying Devices

With more than 30 years of experience assaying precious metals, we know how critical it is to get accurate results so all of our customers get a fair payout. We can’t tell you how many times over the

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Manhattan Gold & Silver Update

We’re currently open from 9:30am – 4:00pm Monday-Friday.  Customers are now allowed to enter the exchange with a mask and witness melts as usual.

If you have any questions you can still contact us at 212-398-1454 and sign up for our newsletter for further announcements.

Most importantly, please stay safe! 

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