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Investing in Gold Bullion Versus Paper Gold

Learn about the considerations when you’re trying to decide between investing in gold bullion versus paper gold to add this precious metal to your portfolio.

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What Is Spot Price?

Read on to learn what spot price is, what influences a spot price, elements that can impact the spot price and more.

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olympic gold medal

What Are Olympic Gold Medals Made Of?

With the Tokyo Summer Olympics approaching, one of the questions we have on our minds is: Are gold Olympic medals really made of gold? Find out.

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hand grabbing gold

Gold Confiscation: Could It Happen Again?

Could your gold be confiscated by the government? We’ll explain whether it could happen and debunk some myths around ways to prevent it.

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gold and diamonds

Which Is More Valuable: Gold or Diamond?

Gold and diamond are highly treasured, but which is more valuable? Check out our infographic to learn whether gold is more valuable than diamond.

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gold jewelry

Gold-Filled Jewelry Explained: Gold-Filled Vs. Other Forms of Gold

Gold-filled jewelry is a layered gold product that is quickly gaining popularity. We’ll explain the difference between gold-filled and other gold types here.

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