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More Countries are Bolstering their Gold Reserves

Hungary, Poland, Russia, India, and other countries have all recently made significant investments in their gold reserves. Learn the details in this blog post.

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Types of Bullion and Their Uses – Infographic

A great way to diversify an asset portfolio is purchase to bullion. Of course, the types of precious metals and quantities you buy them are an important part of diversification strategies – but what

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Third Basel Accord’s New Definition of ‘Monetary Gold’ Now in Effect

The Basel Accords refer to the global, voluntary regulatory framework on banking regulations related to capital adequacy, stress testing, and market liquidity risk. The third installment of Accords,

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What’s up with Palladium Prices these Days

Out the major precious metal commodities, palladium is usually thought of as the least popular or least well known. But if recent pricing trends are any indication, those perceptions are certainly changing.

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2019 Market Outlook for Gold

Gold is a valued commodity around the globe. Its price may fluctuate, but it’s never arbitrary – many types of current events and economic trends factor into whether the price of gold increases or

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How Ben Franklin Spotted Counterfeit Money

As long as there has been currency, there have been people trying to create counterfeit versions of it.Throughout American history, many have tried to make a living from creating fake money, some with

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