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Study Finds New Uses for Gold — Producing Hydrogen from Water

Gold nanoparticles coated with a semiconductor can produce hydrogen from water at least four times more effectively than other methods, according to a new study by team members from Rutgers University

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Tin Foil Doubles as a Key Fob Guard

Life Hack: Use Tin Foil as a Key Fob GuardTechnology seeks to simplify our lives, making everyday tasks just a little easier. Take the keyless car entry, for example. Many key fobs allow us to unlock

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Fifth Largest Gem-Quality Diamond Sold for $40 Million

A 910-carat diamond from southern Africa was recently sold to an undisclosed buyer in Antwerp, Belgium, for $40 million.The gem is a D color, Type 11A, which is the highest color and quality rating

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What is ‘White Gold’?

There are many different types of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.But, if you’ve ever shopped for an engagement ring or wedding band, you’ve also likely heard of

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New Form of Gold Made in Lab

Gold is known for its rarity and beauty, with a brilliant shine that’s unmatched by any other mineral. However, researchers have recently produced a new kind of gold crystal that’s even shinier than

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Manhattan Hotel Debuts a $1,500 Ice Cream With Gold Flakes

Every now and again, it feels good to indulge in a savory dessert — and there’s none more lavish than the Baccarat Hotel’s new $1,500 ice cream with gold flakes. 

The midtown Manhattan hotel’s “Bear

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