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Secure Gold Storage

For thousands of years, people have used vaults for gold storage. One of the most well known vaults is Fort Knox, where 147.3 million ounces of gold holdings are stored. 

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Please note: The image above is a representation of a natural diamond and is not the actual Lesotho Legend.

Fifth Largest Gem Diamond Sold for $40 Million

A 910-carat diamond from southern Africa was recently sold to an undisclosed buyer in Antwerp, Belgium, for $40 million. 

The gem is a D color, Type 11A, which is the highest color and quality rating

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10 Unbelievable Gold Facts

Gold is probably one of the most versatile metals. It boasts a pretty impressive resume, from serving as an ice cream topping to a filter on an astronaut’s visor, and even as a medicine for cancer

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How to Tell It’s Time to Sell Gold

Selling gold can be a lucrative side hustle. That’s especially true if your business consistently has valuable materials on hand that it no longer needs, such as filing dust, dental filings or broken

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Ants Help Detect Gold in the Ground

The “Gold Rush” was sparked by the discovery of gold nuggets in Sacramento Valley in 1848. Thousands of prospective miners traveled to California by land and sea, extracting more than 750,000 pounds

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Source: CNBC

World Cup Trophy Made from 18-Carat Gold

In the past month, 30 teams vied for their chance to play in the 2018 World Cup championship. But, in the end, France and Croatia remained, with France edging it out 4 to 2. It’s the second win for

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