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Manhattan Gold & Silver offers different options for purchasing investment-grade silver. We have silver bars for sale, or you can buy silver coins individually.

If you’re looking to make a bulk investment in sliver, you can purchase silver coins in bags, which contain 715 oz of 90 percent silver coinage. We also carry the American Silver Eagle Monster Box, which contains 25 sealed tubes with 500 one-ounce Silver Eagles.

Ready to invest in silver? Stop buy our storefront or contact us about all your silver needs.

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Bars are the largest form of silver bullion and are best suited for individuals and companies who want to make a significant investment in physical silver.


Our selection of silver bullion coins comes from mints worldwide in designs unique to their country of origin and and are best suited for collectors and investors alike.

Silver Bullion Types

What’s the difference bewteen bars, coins and other types of silver bullion? We outline the key differentiators in this infographic.

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