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Palladium is a great way to diversify a physical asset portfolio that relies primarily on more popular precious metals like gold and silver. Of the precious metals we refine here at Manhattan Gold & Silver, palladium is the least well known, but the increasing demand has made it one of the most valuable of the four major precious metals.

Investors can buy palladium bars minted with a refined fineness of .9995 (99.95%), or buy palladium coins, like the Canadian 1 oz Palladium Maple Leaf, which was first minted in 2005.

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Bars are the largest type of palladium bullion, making them the form factor of choice for individuals and companies who want to make a significant investment in physical palladium.


Palladium coins come in smaller, more affordable sizes and in a variety of collectible designs.

Palladium BUllion Types

Are there different advantages to owning bars, coins or other types of palladium bullion? We outline the key differences in this infographic.

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