Current Precious Metal Prices

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New York Spot Price

7/21/2017 4:52:53 PM EST

Metals Bid Ask Change Low High London Fix AM London Fix PM
Gold $1,254.05 $1,255.55 8.95 0.72% $1,242.78 $1,252.48 $1,247.25 $1,248.55
Silver $16.46 $16.56 0.14 0.86% $16.29 $16.52 N/A $16.43
Platinum $930.25 $940.25 9.10 0.98% $924.50 $939.75 $907.00 $937.00
Palladium $844.00 $850.00 -2.50 -0.29% $844.20 $859.10 $676.00 $852.00

Manhattan Gold & Silver has always focused on recycling precious metals from other businesses. We work with platinum, gold, palladium and silver sourced from jewelers, pawnbrokers, dentists, and other businesses. You can use this page to get current precious metal prices, fixed daily by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM). If you’re on the go, try using our precious metal prices app for iOS and Android devices.

Above is our precious metals prices chart showing spot prices for New York. It has all of the pricing data that you need to make an informed sale or trade. If you want to see how today’s prices reflect on trends in the precious metals market, check our  historical price charts.

For more information about how precious metal prices are determined, visit our page explaining the London fixing.

Please note that the spot price for precious metals varies around the world due to many location-based economic factors. With that in mind, this chart may not be accurate outside of New York.