Sell Silver 

MGS is one of the highest paying silver recyclers in NYC

While silver may not be priced as highly as other precious metals, it has seen increases over the past few years. Given its value throughout time, it’s no surprise that the words “silver” and “money” are the same in nearly a dozen languages. If you choose to sell your silver at Manhattan Gold & Silver (MGS), we will work with you to ensure you receive the best customer service and highest payout.

How We Test Purity

Since silver has very high electrical conductivity, as well as very high thermal conductivity, it is used in a variety of industrial capacities. Every year, more than 250 million ounces of silver are used in industrial applications. When you sell to a silver recycler like MGS, your lot can be tested by hand or melted depending on the quantity of metal and the needs of your company.

What We Buy

Some of the silver items we accept include:

  • Medical / dental products
  • Electrical contacts and conductors
  • Flatware
  • Jewelry byproducts, such as filing dust and polishing material
  • Silver bullion, including: 
    • Maple Leaf (Canada)
    • Eagle (United States)
    • Libertad (Mexico)
    • Panda (China)
    • Philharmonic (Austria)
    • And more

American coins minted before 1964 also contain a certain percentage of silver. These include:

  • 1932-1964 Washington Quarter, 90%
  • 1916-1947 Liberty Half Dollar, 90%
  • 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar, 90%

Ready to Sell Your Silver?

If your business handles silver products, or produces silver scrap, contact us and learn how our refining services can put revenue back into your business. We offer payouts that are among the highest in the industry, and our quick turnaround and customer service are sure to make you a repeat customer.