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Sell Platinum Scrap

Hundreds of metric tons of platinum enter the market every year—and we can help you turn some of this very expensive metal into capital by buying your platinum scrap.

What We Buy

Platinum is popular in industrial applications because of its high resistance to chemical corrosion, heat resistance, hardness, and electrical conductivity. Businesses can sell us many forms of platinum, such as:

  • Jewelry filings
  • Polishing material
  • Medical products
  • Platinum bullion, including:
  • American Platinum Eagles
  • Canadian Platinum Maple Leaves
  • Australian Platinum Koalas
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About Our Refining Process

Our refining process is completely transparent. As a trustworthy refiner, we allow all customers to watch their precious metal scrap go through the entire process of being weighed, assayed and melted.

Please note, we do not handle any alluvial gold, electronic scrap, or mined materials from Africa.

Our Refining Process

How to Sell Your Platinum

You can use our precious metals payout estimator to determine the value of your lot. Then, drop off your lot in-person, or conveniently ship your lot and receive your payout via same-day wire transfer, or overnight check.

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What We Pay

Our core team works with our six in-house furnaces and hand-sorts metals for quicker onsite transactions and to give potential customers the best price quotes. We offer quick same-day payments based on the London Fixing.

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Why Sell to MGS

Manhattan Gold & Silver is one of New York City’s highest paying platinum scrap buyers.

Platinum is the most valuable precious metal we work with (during average market conditions) and has the highest melting point of all the precious metals at more than 3214.9 °f. But our equipment is up to the task—for even the largest lots of platinum scrap.

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Ready to Sell Your Platinum?

If your business produces platinum scrap, we can help put revenue back into your business. We offer payouts that are among the highest in the industry, and our quick turnaround and customer service are sure to make you a repeat customer.

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