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Palladium is used in electronics and jewelry, but it most frequently comes to us from dentists. While this precious metal remains popular in other industries, nearly 1 million ounces of palladium are used each year in dental applications. A lot of the dental palladium we work with is mixed with other metals like gold, which is more expensive, but this is not a problem. If you sell us any palladium alloy, we can easily separate the metals.


The Value of Palladium

Valued between silver and gold (under average market conditions), palladium is quickly becoming popular in jewelry applications because it is similar to platinum, but costs less. Because of its popularity and cost, palladium buyers and sellers have also become more prominent.

While palladium has been used for jewelry since the 1940s, it is more commonly used today because of its price relative to the price of platinum. When platinum prices started rising, jewelers started using palladium to achieve the desired white-silver appearance in their designs. Russia is responsible for a large majority of palladium production, with South Africa ranking second. A small amount is also mined in the United States and Canada.

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If your business handles palladium products, or produces palladium scrap, contact us and learn how our refining services can put revenue back into your business. We offer payouts that are among the highest in the industry, and our quick turnaround and customer service are sure to make you a repeat customer.