Industrial Precious Metal Recycling

Refining industrial precious metal byproducts

Industrial gold recycling - MGSManhattan Gold & Silver (MGS) serves a wide variety of clientele, as the need for industrial precious metal recycling spreads across the globe and into many different applications. We accept scrap byproducts from manufacturing and machining. Industrial precious metal recycling projects we take on include soldering scrap, machining scrap, precious metals from reflective layers, and more.

Precious Metals We Buy

Through our industrial precious metal recycling services, we regularly handle silvergold, platinum, and palladium; though silver is one of the more common metals exchanged from our industrial clientele. Silver’s comparatively low price coupled with high electrical and thermal conductivity make it an ideal metal to use in a variety of industrial applications.

Platinum is also popular to use because it has many ideal properties, including resistance to chemicals and an extremely high melting point. The melting point of platinum, at 3,214.9 degrees Fahrenheit, is nearly twice the melting point of silver. Our industrial precious metal recycling facilities can handle any size lot, and we have no problem reaching the melting point of platinum in our melting facility.

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