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Precious Metal Businesses Served

Precious metal businesses served by Manhattan Gold & Silver include dentists, jewelers, pawnbrokers and various industries that use gold, silver, platinum or palladium and produce precious metal scraps and by-products.

Manhattan Gold & Silver serves as a partner helping these industries get the most out of their precious metals refining needs.

Dentists IconDental

Dentists know we have more than 30 years of expertise in dealing with a variety of metals and alloys. Other industries continue to use our services because of our personal touch, professionalism, and fair prices.

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Jewelers IconJewelry

Jewelers come to us because we are highly respected members of the New York State Jewelers Association and we understand recycling metals is an important part of their business.

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Pawnbrokers IconPawnbrokers

Pawnbrokers know we are an industry partner of the National Pawnbrokers Association and are able to provide them with a fair payout for their lot in a matter of minutes.

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Industrial IconIndustrial

We accept scrap byproducts from manufacturing and machining. Some industrial precious metal recycling projects we take on include soldering scrap, machining scrap, and precious metals from reflective layers.

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Domestic Miners IconDomestic Mining

Members of the domestic mining industry know they can take full advantage of our fast turnaround times without having to step foot in our storefront because they trust us to handle their precious metal shipments.

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Domestic Miners
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Why Work With MGS?

The industries served by Manhattan Gold & Silver are diverse in size and function, but they all come with the same need—honest, fair and fast precious metal refining. At Manhattan Gold & Silver, our business values include:

  • Transparency – You can watch your metals be weighed, tested and melted.
  • Trust – We have been in the precious metals business for more than 30 years. Along the way, we’ve learned how important it is to earn a customer’s trust with fast, accurate and fair payouts.
  • Personalized Service – We maintain relationships with our clients and are invested in their success.

We are more than a vendor. We provide personalized service as well as free resources, tools and apps.

About Us

Read What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say

Manhattan Gold & Silver is the ONLY refiner I will sell my metals to. If there is a piece that is in the 14K that tests 18K they will point it out to you and pay accordingly! I can’t say the same for the other “dealers” on 47th street. Whether it’s buying bullion for clients or melting scrap, you know you are always getting the best price. They take the “game” out of doing business.

- John Michaels

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