Jewelry Casting Metals & Other Products

In our mission to offer unparalleled customer service, we have casting metals for sale for precious metal professionals. With MGS, you can sell the scraps your business has produced and buy refined metals to create even more precious metal products – we’re a one-stop-shop for all of your precious metal needs. Choose from:

  • Gold casting grain – Useful for creating new jewelry or other materials.
  • Silver casting grain – Not only great for creating jewelry, but also useful for creating certain industrial, manufacturing, and dental items.
  • Platinum casting grain – At 95% purity, these cubed grains are ready to be made into jewelry. Also available in 1 ozt rods and 5 ozt rods.
  • Silver bullion bars – Makes a great gift or investment.
  • Gold bullion bars – 1 ozt and 32.15 ozt bars available.

For more information, or to order any of our jewelry casting grains or other products, please contact us.