X-RF Gold Testing

X-ray Fluorescence & Ultrasound Precious Metal Testing

X-RF gold testing - MGSFor the most thorough precious metal testing in NYC, professionals come to Manhattan Gold & Silver. We perform several types of assays – or tests – on precious metal to analyze their purity levels, and by association, their value. For our customers with a sizable enough lot who want a highly accurate precious metal analysis, we use X-RF gold testing (X-ray fluorescence) as our onsite assaying method.

How X-RF Gold Testing Works

We operate two X-RF machines so we are able to determine results quickly, even with multiple clients. On top of that, an X-ray assay takes only minutes. This unique form of precious metal testing works by bathing the sample in X-rays. The metal then emits light (fluorescence) at an energy level specific to its atomic structure. By measuring this unique energy level, our machine accurately analyzes the purity of the sample within five parts-per-thousand.

Our onsite X-RF gold testing is provided to clients free of charge. However, for large lots of precious metals, clients may prefer to take advantage of our offsite fire assay service.

For more information about precious metal analysis and our onsite facilities, please contact us.