Precious Metal Assaying

Types of Precious Metal Assays

Precious metal assaying - MGSDepending on lot size and expected turnaround, sometimes acid testing isn’t the best option. In those cases, Manhattan Gold & Silver offers other options, which would be a melt and assay. We follow the strictest of accuracy standards to ensure that you get a fair valuation for your lot. Besides acid testing, our other precious metal assaying services include the x-ray assay, fire assay, and ultrasound assay.

Here’s a quick comparison:

X-RF Testing 

  • Done through X-ray analysis with one of our two onsite X-ray machines.
  • Quicker than fire assaying procedures, machine assaying via X-ray takes only minutes.
  • The metal is melted into a bar, a sample is drilled and X-rayed to determine purity.
  • This method is accurate generally within a ½ percent.
  • X-ray assays are provided free-of-charge.

Fire Assay 

  • The standard for valuing gold and silver at major mining companies and refineries.
  • Metal is melted down, then the precious metal sample is chemically separated from the other metals.
  • The process is different for each precious metal, using a variety of chemicals during the separation process.
  • Takes about one day to determine purity of the remaining precious metal left after the chemical reaction.
  • Highest accuracy. Five times more accurate than a machine assay, the fire assay is accurate to 1/10 of a percent.
  • There is a $25 charge per fire assay for gold only.

While gold, silver, platinum, and palladium metals come from different industries and may be used for different applications, we have expertise with them all. 

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