Gold Bullion

MGS Bullion Investment & Storage offers three types of investment-grade gold bullion: bars, coins, and fractional. 

Bars are the largest form of gold bullion, best suited for individuals and companies who want to make a significant investment in physical gold. MGS Bullion Investment & Storage only sells LBMA-verified bars, which are tested for purity and authenticity by certified refineries. If you are interested in purchasing gold bars, we highly recommend utilizing our bullion storage services.                                      

Popular with both collectors and investors, our selection of gold bullion coins come from mints all around the world in designs unique to their country of origin – like the South African Krugerrand, United States American Buffalo, and the Australian Kangaroo

Fractional bars or sheets can be broken apart – technically making them the smallest type of gold bullion. Because fractional gold has detachable parts, it’s perfect for bartering or trading. The thin form factor also makes fractional gold convenient to store in small home safes or safety deposit boxes. 

Ready to start investing in physical gold? Browse our catalog of gold bullion products for sale, or learn more about our secure transaction process.


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