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Platinum & Palladium Demand and the Auto Industry

Demand in the auto industry can spur the demand for palladium, increasing the price. Learn more about this correlation in this blog post.

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Silver Flatware for Low-Sodium Dieters

Using an originally silver-based technology, researchers have developed an electric fork that simulates salty tastes. Learn how it works in this post.

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How to Polish Silver with Everyday Items

Use this infographic to learn the best way to polish your silver and read our blog post to learn why this method is so effective at removing silver tarnish.

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Platinum-Group Metal Used in Alternative Energy Breakthrough

Researchers have found a way to use a ruthenium-based catalyst to efficiently convert CO2 into methanol for fuel. Learn how it works in this post.

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Fun Facts About Platinum

Platinum is a unique metal with an interesting history and even more interesting characteristics. Check out this infographic to learn more!

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Molehill turns out to be Mountain of Treasure

While removing a molehill, a farmer found one of Switzerland’s most significant archaeological discoveries! Learn the details of the find in this post.

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