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The Technology Made Possible by Platinum: Part 2

Our last post went over some technologies made possible by platinum compounds. In this article, we’ll look at some technologies that utilize platinum that hasn’t been chemically altered. Since the

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All the Technology Made Possible by Platinum

Not many people realize it, but platinum is pervasive in modern society. Without it, engineering and technology would be set back by 100 years. You may be wondering, “if platinum is so rare and expensive, how can it make everyday life possible?” The answer is because most of platinum’s use comes from the compounds derived […]

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Silver Futures Flash Crash after more Erroneous Trading Activity

The prices for silver futures flash crashed on 7/7/17 after an algorithmic trading error. Learn more about the event and aftermath in this blog post.

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How One Silver Coin Rewrote History

The Hallaton Treasure is a hoard of gold and silver coins with many unique characteristics. It’s the largest hoard of British Iron Age coins ever found.

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Silver-Coated Fabric makes Clothes Ultra-Warm

By adding silver nanowire to fabric, scientists have created a lightweight, breathable, and incredibly warm textile. Learn how it works in this post.

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The Silver Swan Automaton

The Silver Swan is an excellent example of jewelry design and science working together. Learn how it works and how it was made in this blog post.

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