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Getting the Most Value from Your Industrial Precious Metal Scrap

Industrial precious metal scrap is a valuable product of operational processes. Don’t discard it. Here are ways to get value from your scrap.

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How Do Pawnbrokers Work?

How do pawnbrokers work? Before you consider a loan, it’s important to understand pawnshop transactions.

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What Makes Palladium So Valuable?

Palladium has been grabbing headlines as of late, being hailed by some as the most precious of the metals. What makes it so valuable?

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Wyoming: A Hot Bed of Rare Earth Metals?

Bear Lodge, located in Northeast Wyoming, is home to one of the richest and highest-grade rare earth deposits in the North America.

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Who Buys Dental Gold?

Precious metal refineries buy and recycle dental gold and other filler metals such as silver, platinum and palladium (dental scrap) from dental professionals.

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Is the Earth Running Out of Gold?

While the concept of the Earth running out of gold may seem farfetched, it’s actually not. Here is how it could happen.

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