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platinum testing

How To Test For Platinum

It can be easy to misidentify metals. We’ll explain how to distinguish platinum from other precious metals through visual cues and using a scratch test.

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home appliances

Where to Find Scrap Gold in Household Items

Appliances can sometimes contain gold-bearing components. We’ll explain whether it is worth scrapping household appliances like microwaves for gold.

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Are Your Old Solar Panels Worth Anything?

If you have any old solar panels, you might be asking: Are my old solar panels worth anything? We’ll break down whether it is worth recycling them.

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palladium periodic table

How To Find Palladium Scrap

Palladium is an incredibly valuable precious metal. We’ll show you how to find palladium scrap to recycle.

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cadmium silver

The Benefits of Recycling Silver-Cadmium Contacts

Silver cadmium is a valuable form of silver scrap. We’ll explain what silver cadmium contacts are, where they can be sourced, and their potential payout.

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platinum forceps

4 Places To Find Platinum Scrap

You may be interested in learning how to find and recycle any spare platinum. We’ll show you 4 places that can prove useful for finding platinum scrap.

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