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Why The Price Of Rhodium Is Rocketing To Record Highs In 2021

The price of rhodium is rocketing to record highs in 2021. Learn why rhodium is so valuable right now as well as some predictions for rhodium’s future.

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bank vault

3 Ways To Store Precious Metals

When purchasing physical precious metals, choosing the right storage is vital. Here are 3 ways to store them.

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Top Tips for Shipping Precious Metals Safely

By following these tips for shipping precious metals, you can rest easier during shipping and ensure your investment stays safe.

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What Is Smelting?

Extracting metals from ores is complicated. Read on to find out what smelting is, how it works, and why it plays an important role in history.

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platinum testing

How To Test For Platinum

It can be easy to misidentify metals. We’ll explain how to distinguish platinum from other precious metals through visual cues and using a scratch test.

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home appliances

Where to Find Scrap Gold in Household Items

Appliances can sometimes contain gold-bearing components. We’ll explain whether it is worth scrapping household appliances like microwaves for gold.

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