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Platinum in Hydrogen Fuel Cells: How This Metal Makes Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles Possible

Learn why there’s platinum in hydrogen fuel cells, and why hydrogen-powered vehicles are an environmentally friendly alternative for the future.

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There’s Money in Recycling Thermocouple Wire

Did you know that recycling thermocouple wire can be profitable? Read about which thermocouple wires are valuable and what to do with them.

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What Is An Alloy?

Alloys are a necessity for many products and industrial applications. We’ll explain what alloys are and how they’re used.

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metal detector

What Metals Cannot Be Detected By A Metal Detector?

Read on to learn what metal detectors are, how they work, and metals that they will not be able to detect.

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Where To Find Rhodium Scrap?

Rhodium has become incredibly valuable. Learn more about places you might be able to find rhodium scrap with our infographic.

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sputtering target

What Are Sputtering Targets, and Why Should You Recycle Them?

Sputtering targets are often overlooked as a source of precious metal scrap. Here’s what sputtering targets are and why you should recycle them.

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