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Category: Marketing Tips

How to Take Perfect Pictures of Jewelry

Taking pictures of jewelry requires some special considerations to get the best quality. Read our infographic on taking the perfect pictures of jewelry.

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Pinterest for Jewelers

Jewelers stand to gain a lot of exposure with Pinterest. Learn the best way to merchandize your boards to promote your jewelry business.

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5 Mobile Apps for the Busy Business Owner

Running a business isn’t easy. Try these productivity apps to organize your schedule, prioritize tasks, and get more done with your day.

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Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

A solid base of loyal customers will get your business through tough times. Learn how to build a loyal customer base in this blog post.

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Managing Your Business’ Reputation Online

Your businesses reputation is important for attracting new customers. Learn some basic tips for managing your online reputation in this post.

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Tips for Direct Mail Writing

Many small businesses rely on direct mail pieces to help drive business. Learn how to make the most of your direct mail with these tips.

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