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Category: Marketing Tips

Investing in Gold Coins vs. Coin Collecting: What’s the Difference?

Investing in gold coins and coin collecting aren’t the same thing. Collectors tend to buy coins as a hobby, while investors buy gold coins as a hedge against the economy.

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Crafting a Marketable Return Policy

A great return policy reassures customers and increases their confidence in buying from you. Here are some quick tips for creating customer-friendly return policies.

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The Benefits of Pop-Up Shops

Temporary pop-up shops are an excellent business idea for fashion and jewelry brands. Read on to learn to learn why.

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How to Display your Jewelry in the Best Light

To make your jewelry displays look their best, you must select the right type of light source. Learn more about the basics of selecting a light source.

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Brainstorming Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Window Displays

Anyone can stick a ring box in a window and call it a display. Use these tips to get creative and build window displays that attract eyeballs and entice visits.

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Customer Policies Every Jeweler Needs to Think About

Policies are guidelines you feel are important to run a successful business. Read on to learn tips for creating your own jewelry store policies.

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