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Specific Gravity Testing for Precious Metals & Gems

Specific gravity (SG) is the ratio of a substance’s density to the density of a reference substance. The reference substance is nearly always distilled water, which has an SG value of 1. Anything with

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How Impurities Change Gold’s Color

The term “impurities” has many connotations, but in gold mining and refining, impurities refer to anything that lowers the karat weight or millesimal fineness of a sample of gold. In our business,

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Melt Values for Trophies and Medals

A client recently asked if the items we buy include trophies and medals. Well, just like the significance of the accomplishments they commemorate, the aftermarket value of trophies and medals varies

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IIDGR & De Beers Group Release Screening Device for Synthetic Diamonds

Earlier this year, the International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), a De Beers Group company, announced SYNTHdetect – a new type of screening device that jewelry and gemstone

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How the World’s Largest & Most Valuable Diamonds Form

It’s common knowledge that diamonds are created by the incredible pressure and heat deep below the surface of the earth – only becoming accessible after volcanic activity brings them closer to earth’s

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Scientists Discover how to make Harder Diamonds

For centuries, diamonds have been known for their incredible hardness. Now, researchers from the Australian National University have devised a way to synthesize diamonds that are up to 58% harder than

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