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‘Hope Diamond’ Dethroned by ‘Okavango Blue’

Last April, the Okavango Diamond Company (ODC) announced that they recovered a massive, deep-blue diamond with better clarity and purity than the world famous “Hope Diamond.” Originally discovered as

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Lab-Grown Diamonds are about to get Even Cheaper

Ever since laboratories managed to grow gem-quality specimens consistently and at scale, “synthetic” diamonds have steadily gained popularity with today’s jewelry buyers. In addition to being

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What is a ‘Gold Hallmark’?

Early gold hallmarks were used to indicate the fineness of gold, as well as the assaying office that certified its purity. The term “hallmark” originated in 1327, when King Edward of England granted a

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Three Jewelry Designers You Should Follow on Instagram

Whether you’re in the jewelry industry or simply someone who likes to wear the finished product, Instagram has become the platform for accessory art. It not only allows designers to show off their

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Scientists Replicate the Hope Diamond

For the first time, scientists constructed near-perfect replicas of the Hope Diamond, using cubic zirconia. The replicas show how the Hope Diamond looked in its previous forms: when it was first

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Understanding Precious Metal Purity Stamps

In order to estimate the melt values of precious metal jewelry, antiques, or other items, you need to know exactly how much precious metal the objects contain. These types of goods are commonly made

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