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Category: Jewelry Design

How the Jewelry Manufacturing Process Works

The jewelry manufacturing process can seem intimidating at first, but it can be broken down into six steps. Read on to learn about how to make jewelry.

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Tips for Buying Women Jewelry

Follow these tips for buying women jewelry. We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls and pick out a piece that would make any woman feel loved and appreciated.

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New ‘Floeting’ Diamond Revolutionizes Diamond Setting for Jewelry

Read about the revolutionary floeting diamond, the first major innovation in diamond jewelry setting to come about in more than 135 years.

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Gold-Filled Jewelry Explained: Gold-Filled Vs. Other Forms of Gold

Gold-filled jewelry is a layered gold product that is quickly gaining popularity. We’ll explain the difference between gold-filled and other gold types here.

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Mining E-Waste for Jewelry

Would you wear a ring made of electronic-waste? Let’s look at e-waste and how the jeweler industry is helping the environment.

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School Jewelry Is Still a Thing: Class Ring Ideas

Whether you’re buying a class ring for yourself or gifting one, choosing a style that will age gracefully matters. Here are some cool class ring ideas.

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