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Three Advantages of Buying Gold Online

September 4, 2018 07:00
Three Advantages of Buying Gold Online

In today’s digital age, you can pretty much buy anything online. Case in point, a DJ once put a leftover half-eaten piece of Justin’s Timberlake’s French toast on eBay, which sold for $1,025.

When it comes to buying gold online though, you might be a little more skeptical. And rightfully so, especially when you read stories about counterfeit gold bullion being sold through auction websites.

If you buy directly from a reputable dealer or refinery, however, there can be major benefits to buying gold online. Here are three of them.

  1. It’s quick and easy. Nearly eight in 10 Americans are online shoppers, according to the Pew Research Center. It comes as no surprise: Today’s shoppers want convenience — and what’s more convenient than shopping in your pajamas from your couch? In terms of bullion, buying it in person means rearranging your schedule around the times that the dealer is available, as well as trekking there in person. 

  2. It’s priced to sell. Buying in bulk often allows dealers and refineries to get the best pricing for bullion, which might then pass on to you. Manhattan Gold & Silver (MGS) actually sells its own branded 999.9 fine bars, which are sealed, certified and labeled with serial numbers. This gives you the peace of mind that you’re not only getting a fair deal, but also an authentic product.

  3. You don’t have to worry about storage. Most houses aren’t built with a strong room, which is designed to protect valuable items against fire and theft. As a result, when you buy a bullion bar or coin, you also have to find a place to store it. Buying gold online often comes with the option to either ship the items directly to your house or have them safely stored on your behalf. If you select the latter option, just make sure to ask the company how your assets are being safeguarded from theft.

Did you know that you could purchase gold, silver, platinum, or palladium bullion bars and coins directly from our site? You can choose to have them shipped directly to your house or stored at one of our secure locations. The precious metal assets stored at our facilities are reconciled daily and audited annually. So you can rest assured that your assets are in good hands.

Jeffrey Gundlach Endorses Gold

August 28, 2017 07:00
Jeffrey Gundlach Endorses Gold

After forecasting a drop in US stocks this summer, Jeffrey Gundlach, the widely followed investor (known on Wall Street as the "Bond King") and CEO of DoubleLine Capital, publically advised traders and speculators to raise cash as soon as possible. Along with this bearish sentiment, he had some great things to say about gold, tweeting:

While US stocks have climbed to record highs, volatility has remained historically low, which has raised concerns over an impending market correction. Following his own advice, Gundlach made headlines by purchasing put options (a type of hedging investment against stocks) on the S&P 500.    

Gold is a stable asset, so when other investment types (like stocks) start flagging, investors will try to hedge against losses by buying more gold. Gundlach also told reporters that he still has exposure to gold – and predicted gold prices would rise because "gold looks cheap compared to markets that have rallied a lot, including bitcoin and including Amazon.”

Gold touched a 6-week high on Thursday, 7/27 after the Fed kept interest rates unchanged on Wednesday, 7/26.

Gold Prices Take a Hit After Unusual Trading Activity

July 12, 2017 05:15

A flash crash in gold prices sent ripples through the commodities market late last month. Bloomberg reported that a sudden surge in trading activity caused gold futures to fall as much as 1.6 percent to $1,236.50 an ounce.

According to industry consensus, the drop was caused by an erroneous trading order that temporarily caused supply to outpace demand. On the morning of June 26, 18,149 lots of a gold futures contract (equivalent to about 1.8 million ounces of gold) were traded on Comex in the span of a minute. When combined with seasonally low trading volume in countries like Singapore and Malaysia, the market was unable to absorb such a large amount of gold, driving down the price.

Fortunately, the sudden plunge in gold prices is not indicative of a trend. In fact, gold has already recovered. Financial pundits are referring to the trade that kick-started the crash as a “fat-finger” error, which occurs when a trader accidentally submits a larger than intended order. If you want to be alerted to these kinds of price swings as they happen, don’t forget that you can use our Precious Metals Prices app to receive alerts via email or push notifications on your phone.


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