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Tin Foil Doubles as a Key Fob Guard

November 13, 2018 07:00
Tin Foil Doubles as a Key Fob Guard

Life Hack: Use Tin Foil as a Key Fob Guard

Technology seeks to simplify our lives, making everyday tasks just a little easier. Take the keyless car entry, for example. Many key fobs allow us to unlock our cars and turn on our ignitions from a distance.

However, as technology advances, so do the tactics thieves use to capitalize on it.

Now, it may be possible for car thieves to intercept the signal from your key fob using a special receiver called a “relay attack.”

Luckily, there’s a simple life hack that can prevent the signal from being transmitted — simply wrap your key fob in tin foil.

Although it may not be ideal, tin foil is the least expensive key fob guard on the market, as you can probably find some in your kitchen pantry. Made of aluminum, tin foil can help to block or shield radio frequency waves.

Tin foil can also be used to safeguard other technology, including your cell phone or tablet.

Not into the idea of wrapping your keys up like a baked potato? We get it.

You can also purchase special bags that are lined with a metallic material to prevent signals from going in or out.

Source: IFL

Fifth Largest Gem-Quality Diamond Sold for $40 Million

November 6, 2018 07:00
Fifth Largest Gem-Quality Diamond Sold for $40 Million

A 910-carat diamond from southern Africa was recently sold to an undisclosed buyer in Antwerp, Belgium, for $40 million.

The gem is a D color, Type 11A, which is the highest color and quality rating possible. It’s also the fifth largest gem-quality diamond that’s ever been discovered, according to Diamond District Monthly.

Experts estimate that it could produce 10 to 30 high-quality, smaller diamonds of varying sizes.

The diamond has been nicknamed the “Lesotho Legend” after its country of origin.

Many large diamonds have been found there, including the “Lesotho Promise,” which was 603 carats and sold for $12.4 million.

It was cut down to 26 smaller diamonds, each one as flawless as the next.


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The Uses of Platinum

October 30, 2018 12:48

In ancient times, Egyptians and early Americans used platinum for jewelry and decorative pieces. The first record of platinum dates back to 1557, when Italian physician Julius Scaliger described a metal found in Central America that wouldn’t melt. He called it “platina,” which means “little silver.”

Today, the primary uses of platinum are to make catalytic converters and jewelry.

But there are a number of surprising applications for this precious metal. Here are some of them.

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