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Gold Machine the Next ATM?

May 14, 2010 00:07

Abu Dhabi’s top hotel recently unveiled the newest form ofquick investment, a gold dispensing machine.  Now when you stay in this luxurious hotel, youcan exchange your currency for gold bars. You can custom design your bar and it is created right there while youwait.  Each bar is a maximum of 10 grams andit is 24-karat. 

Gold ATM Story Video 

While it’s not surprising that people are turning to gold inthese uncertain times, this type of machine is geared toward the ultrarich.  More commonly, gold is collectedand then turned into cash by way of pawnbroker or gold recycler

Manhattan Gold and Silver can take your unwanted or brokengold and other jewelry and turn it into cash. We process the gold onsite and can have cash in your hand in less than20 minutes.  This is a great way to generatesome extra money in tough times.  Wefeature the current gold prices on our site so you will know what you canexpect to receive for your gold.  We onlyprocess metals B2B. 

For more information, please contact us , or stopby our location in the Diamond District!

Scrap Gold Prices Increase

May 11, 2010 06:06

Some gold analysts are predicting that the price of gold could go as high as $1300 per ounce.  Economic circumstances in Greece/Europe and China, along with a surge of gold sales in India are believed to be a reason for the high worth of gold.  When gold prices are up this generally means that more people will be selling their old gold for new jewelry pieces, or just trying to unload it for some quick cash.  

A consumer who wishes to sell old jewelry to a scrap trader is a contributor to the recycled gold supply. Similarly, a consumer opting to exchange an old gold necklace for a new one indirectly contributes to the recycled supply, as the jeweler with whom the swap takes place, usually sends the old necklace for processing to gold refineries.

The strong preference for gold over currencies, government bonds and certain commodities saw investor demand for the precious metal overtaking its use by the jewelry sector in 2009, for the first time in nearly 30 years.

For more update information about gold prices, or to sell your scrap gold, please visit

Manhattan Gold and Silver Increases Payouts

April 29, 2010 07:53

Recently MGS Refining announced that it has increased the amount it pays for gold to 98% of its value, when the gold is hand tested inour New York Location.  To get specific details, please call or visit us, as the price will fluctuate a bit based onthe frequency and the size of the melts.  

It is our hope that this increase will help our customers ina turbulent economy.  We strive to assist our customers in any way possible, and that is why we have been in business for so long and plan to be in business for many years to come.

We still offer our same day money wiring service for lotsreceived. Typically, a lot is processed the same day it is received. Quick turnaround on your payouts is our number one priority.

Along with pawnbrokers, jewelry makers, dentists and other industries, we will also buy an individual’s broken or mismatched gold jewelry.  For more information on our refining metals processes, please visit our website. You can also fan us on Facebookor follow our updates on Twitter.

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