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Why Send Precious Metals to MGS?

If you’re a regular visitor to our website, you may have noticed the opportunity to fill out a survey – which helps us connect with the needs of our customers. We actually read these things, and in the comments section, a user recently wrote about how they’d be worried about using our Ship & Sell service. What if they mail us some gold, and then never hear from us again?

We understand it can be stressful dealing in high-value materials through the mail. In this industry, honesty and integrity are at a premium – in some shops, even completing a deal in-person can feel like an intimidating experience. But, MGS is unlike other metal refiners. Here are some things that set us apart from the rest.


As we mentioned before, honesty is extremely important when dealing in precious metals. We’ve heard every kind of story of other refiners treating their customers unethically – “accidentally” dropping some scrap on the shop floor, crooked scales, and melting done out-of-site. At MGS, our refining process is completely transparent. We allow our customers to watch their precious metal scrap go through the entire process of being weighed, melted, and tested. We value honest transactions, and are eager to prove it. You don’t need to watch our every move to get the best payout – but you can if you want.


MGS is equipped to help with all of your precious metal needs:

  • We accept gold, silver, platinum, and palladium
  • We offer a full-range of assays to give you the most accurate payout possible
  • We sell bullion bars and casting grains
  • We pay up to 99% of the melt value of your precious metals – there’s no need to shop around



MGS has been refining precious metals since 1985. Over these 30 years in business, our friendly service and flexibility in handling any size refining job has built a substantial recurring customer base who keeps coming back for our fast and fair transactions. Our testimonials speak volumes, but allow us to prove it to you. Contact us today for a quote on metals you plan to ship, or bring in to our storefront.


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