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What Is Green Gold?

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If you follow our blog, you’d know that we write about gold often, and we have yet to run out of interesting things to write about it. This valuable precious metal can take on many shapes and colors you would never think to associate gold with. Of the colors it can take on, green is certainly one of its most unusual but eye-pleasing possible tints. Today, we’ll explain exactly what green gold is and its uses from ancient times to the present day.

Let’s start by discussing how green gold is formed.

Green Gold Production

So, what is green gold exactly? Well, it is a combination of gold and silver that can occur in nature, an alloy also known as electrum.

The green tint in this form of gold is very subtle, meaning only a trained eye would be able to spot it quickly. A weakness of green gold is that alloying gold and silver gives it an interesting color, but it does not make it stronger. As such, green gold is usually alloyed with a metal like zinc or nickel to strengthen it. A word of warning – be careful when producing or buying green gold alloyed with nickel as it can cause a major allergic reaction in some people.

What Is Green Gold Used For?

Green gold is often used to give jewelry a distinct color. It can be used either as an accent color or the main material for jewelry. Green gold is immensely popular for creating leaf-like pieces.

Historically, green gold has had some incredible uses. As early as the third millennium BC in the Old Kingdom of Egypt, green gold was sometimes used as a coating for the pyramidions that sat on ancient Egyptian obelisks and pyramids. It was also used to make ancient drinking vessels. For you coin fanatics, the first metal coins ever made date back to around the end of the 7th century BC and were of electrum. Nobel Prize medals were also made with green gold for many years.

Where Can I Find Green Gold?

Green gold is difficult to find as it is not produced nearly as often as other forms of gold. However, if you do manage to find it, you’ll have an unusual and beautiful precious metal in your hands that is sure to spark conversations.

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