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What Good is Gold?

Gold is real good, as a matter of fact. Beyond its uses in jewelry, as an investment, and as a currency, gold has many other important applications you may not realize.

Many of our customers in the field of dentistry can attest to gold’s usefulness. Because gold is such a malleable metal, it’s easy to form to the craggy tops of teeth when building new crowns or bridges. As an added benefit, gold is completely inert and will not react with the human body in any way. Not only is it safe to have in your mouth for years and years, it’s also completely safe if accidentally swallowed.

More commonly, gold is a component in nearly all electronics. It’s a great electrical conductor, and – as a one-up over silver, copper, and other good conductors – it never corrodes. This makes electronics using gold highly reliable because electrical connections are never interrupted through corrosion or wear.

Not only is gold good at conducting electricity, but serves as excellent protection from electromagnetic radiation. As such, it’s a common component in equipment meant to explore outer space. Its most well known space application is the visor for an astronaut’s helmet. The gold is layered so thin, the astronaut can see through it while still being protected from radiation. The next time you use a computer, visit the dentist, or look up at the stars, be sure to remember that gold makes it all possible.

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