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What Do Pawnbrokers and Dentists Have in Common?

A pawnbroker and a dentist each walk into Manhattan Gold & Silver… Sound like the beginning of a joke?  Well it’s not. It’s a fact of doing work that results in scrap metals. The only value such metals have to most businesses is through refining them for cash. Otherwise, the precious metals will remain useless, sitting around collecting dust.

At Manhattan Gold & Silver we help our clients recover the value of the scrap precious metals that accumulate as a result of their trades—whether they are pawnbrokers, dentists or in other professions.

While those two fields couldn’t seem to be more dissimilar, they, along with jewelers, make up a large portion of our overall client base. Every day, since 1985, we have serviced clients with lots big and small and payouts based on the London Daily Fixing.

Although it may not appear so on the surface, the business process and needs of pawnbrokers and dentists really aren’t that disparate and the two do share some overlaps. Here at Manhattan Gold & Silver, we’re happy to work with both and turn their industrial residue into cash for their businesses.

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