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Tips for Selling Palladium Jewelry

Palladium has been used to make jewelry for a very long time. However, this metal has never been very popular with either customers or jewelers. A difficult casting process makes palladium difficult to work with for less experienced jewelers, while most customers have never heard of palladium – if they have, they usually have no idea what makes it different from platinum. 

In appearance, palladium jewelry looks similar to platinum, silver, and white-gold jewelry. It’s not just value and rarity that sets palladium apart from those metals – palladium jewelry functions differently. Compared to other jewelry metals, palladium has numerous advantages that appeal to discerning customers. For example, platinum is a very strong metal, but it easily develops a permanent patina of scratch marks. Because platinum is so hard, the scratches usually can’t be polished out. While some consider this feature to be a hallmark of the jewelry’s character, those who desire pristine looking pieces will be disappointed. Palladium, however, is more malleable so any scratches can be more easily polished out.

Because of its uniqueness and multiple advantages, it can be well worth the effort to expand your shop’s palladium offerings. Our infographic below has palladium’s strongest selling points to help you guide prospective customers.


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