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Tips for Creating a Print-Ad

Online ads are definitely important for any business, but print-ads still have value. When you stop and think about it, it’s a totally different experience for the audience. When you’re flipping through a publication and an ad catches your interest, it just seems more impactful (and perhaps, less interruptive or annoying) than what you might scroll past online.

Perhaps that’s because print-ads tend to utilize bigger size and more artistic flair – which grant many more options for presentation. Although information about the product is important, if the ad is not entertaining, it won’t be as memorable or effective. For an example, look at almost any print-ad for jewelry. Many feature detailed product images and stylized settings that catch the eye and even elicit emotion. Perhaps it’s a virtue of the products themselves, but the jewelry industry is skilled at designing attractive and notable print-ads.
If you’ve made sure to capture professional-quality pictures of your jewelry, you’re practically half of the way to creating a stand-out ad. Below, we’ve created an infographic with design tips to take your print-ads to the next level.

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