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Tips for Buying Women Jewelry

Jewelry is a go-to gift for many people when shopping for women. And with good reason — it’s the perfect present for an upcoming birthday, anniversary or holiday. It also transcends age and generations. Whether you’re shopping for a partner, daughter, mother, or grandmother, jewelry often makes the recipient feel special.

However, picking out the right piece isn’t always so easy. Each woman has her own distinct style and preferences.

If you want to ensure you pick out something she’ll love, follow these tips for buying jewelry for women.

Watch What She Wears

No two women have exactly the same style. To determine which type of precious metal jewelry to buy (e.g. gold, silver, platinum, or palladium), use the woman’s closet as a guide. As a general rule of thumb, cool colors (such as blue or purple) go well with silver, platinum or palladium jewelry, while warm colors (such as orange and red) go well with yellow gold jewelry. Interestingly, white or black will actually look great with most metal types, depending upon the look.

Beyond her closet, you should also take a peek inside her current jewelry box. If that’s not possible, observe what she wears. What type of precious metal does she wear most? That’s a telltale sign that she may prefer one type over the others — and you should follow her lead.

If you’re picking out a ring or a bracelet, it’s also important to ensure you get the right size.

Where Does She Spend Her Time?

Another tip for buying women jewelry is considering how she spends most of her time. Does she frequent theater events or charity galas? If so, she might appreciate a statement piece she can pair with an evening gown for the next night out.

Or maybe she spends a lot of time hiking or gardening outside — and gravitates toward jewelry that’s more casual for everyday use.

If you’re picking out jewelry for a new mom, you’ll also generally want to avoid any delicate, dangly necklaces or bracelets with a clasp. Babies like to latch onto them, which often causes them to snap.

Make it Personal

Most people want to feel seen and heard. One of the best ways to accomplish that through jewelry is by picking out something that feels highly personalized to the gift recipient.

For instance, if you’re shopping for your daughter, you might pick out a precious metal charm that matches one of her interests. There are silver artist palette charms for those who like to paint, cameras for aspiring photographers, or a dumbbell with a heart for women who live to weightlift. Charms are a great way to show a daughter, partner or mother that you’re paying attention to the things that matter to them in their lives.

Another way to personalize precious metal jewelry gifts for women is to incorporate their birthstone. Vogue made your job even easier by putting together a collection of, “The Chicest Birthstone Jewelry for Every Month of the Year.”

If the gift is for your mother or grandmother, you might consider picking out a precious metal necklace or bracelet with the birthstones of all her children or grandchildren. It’s a great way to not only make them feel special, but to also show appreciation for their legacy.

Ask Her Friends for Input

Still not sure what to buy? (We know, it’s hard.) If you’re buying a gift for your partner or mother, consider reaching out to her closest friends for confidential guidance.

It’s typically better to wait until you’ve narrowed down your options to a few pieces rather than simply asking, “What should I get?” This gives them something specific to react to — and ensures you have their buy-in on the final gift.

Try to limit input to one to two friends. Once you ask more than that, it gets complicated if they have conflicting opinions. Don’t forget to remind them to keep the gift a secret!

Find a Trustworthy Jeweler

One of the biggest nightmares for gift givers is finding out later that a piece they thought was made from real precious metal was actually fake. It can be a costly mistake. At Manhattan Gold & Silver, we buy precious metal scrap, including jewelry. As a result, we’re well-versed in testing precious metals for authenticity. It’s always hard to tell customers that a piece of jewelry that they thought was real precious metal is actually not. To avoid that disappointment, we recommend buying from a reputable jeweler.

How can you tell if a jeweler is reputable?

Look for one that is a member of the “Jewelers of America,” if possible. They have a directory you can search or you can look for the “J” logo on the company’s door or website. Members of Jewelers of America receive ongoing education and commit to following a code of professional practices.

Next, read the jewelers’ positive and negative reviews on their Google Business Profile. Look for common themes, such as people saying they bought jewelry there that later turned out to be fake or poor customer service. You can also check Better Business Bureau to see how many complaints have been filed against them and how many have been resolved.

Friends and family can also be a great resource. If you have a friend that recently got engaged, ask where they bought the ring and if they had a good experience.

Make Sure It’s Returnable

Despite all of your best efforts, you may pick out something that doesn’t work out. Maybe it’s the wrong size, maybe she has a similar piece already or maybe it’s just not her style. Don’t fret! It’s the thought that counts — and that goes a long way with most people. At the time of purchase, make sure to ask if the gift is returnable for a full refund or exchange. You might also inquire if they offer free fittings and adjustments, in case the piece doesn’t fit properly after it’s given. Keep your receipt in a safe, but hidden place, just in case you need to make a return.

We hope these tips for buying women jewelry help you pick out a piece she’s sure to love — just as much as she loves the person who gave it to her.

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