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Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

Returning, loyal customers are practically life-blood for the small businesses here in the Diamond District. Well-done marketing and advertising will encourage new customers to give your business a shot, but only good experiences and authentic relationships will encourage them to come back. As we’ll explore in this blog post, earning loyalty from your customers requires a deft touch with both marketing and customer service.

Your “brand” can be boiled down to two essential elements.

  • how you engage with customers
  • what experience customers can expect you to deliver consistently

Product quality is important, but ultimately, customers will most strongly remember those two things when thinking about doing business with you again. If the relationship you build with a customer is meaningful, if they feel valued, and if you provide a high level of service, they’re sure to return.

If you read around the MGS website and our social media profiles, you can see first-hand how we try to communicate the things that make doing business with us a great experience. We talk about the speed which we process transactions, our high payouts, our transparent refining process, and our flexibility in working with all customers and all sizes of lots. All of these add value to our services – enhancing the experience customers get.

So far, it’s working. Not only have we been in business for 30+ years, but the majority of our customers are repeat business. The next time a prospective customer walks through your doors, think about what kind of experience you can give them that they can’t get anywhere else.


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